Empower Yourself With Soundings Therapy

Soundings Therapy is a professional, confidential and affordable, counselling service based in Meath. This practice is provided by Brona Russell an Accredited (MIACP) counsellor and psychotherapist.

We all strive to live happy, contented and fulfilled lives, however at times there is a need to speak to someone in a caring, supportive and confidential space other than our family and friends because circumstances have led to us becoming overwhelmed by life, feeling lost, alone and in need of help. 


Do you need someone to talk to in a confidential, non-judgmental space?

At Soundings Therapy, I can offer help and support to you for all kinds of different reasons;

Feeling depressed, anxious, stressed

Struggling with Family and Relationships

Suffered Physical, Emotional, Sexual Abuse

Bereavement, Grief, Loss or Separation

Low Self-esteem and Confidence issues

Sexuality Concerns

Anger management/ Conflict resolution​


“I started counselling with Brona due to stress and anxiety. I felt I had lost all control and was unable to cope with even the simple things. The sessions I had, totally changed how I looked at life.  Her constant support and understanding helped me get my life back. I have learnt techniques, like CBT and mindfulness. I can’t recommend her enough.”  (Amy)

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It can feel hard to reach out and ask for help, especially when you are feeling at your most vulnerable. Meeting with a therapist provides a space to talk, to reflect, to focus, to grieve, to make choices, to discover who you are and a space to heal.

At challenging time in all our lives, Soundings Therapy is here to support you by providing both Online and Phone counselling.  

Please, feel free to contact me by phone or email.