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Thought-Based Approach


Sometimes we know where we are going, other times we just want things to be different.

Talking to someone can help you work out where you want to go and how to get there.

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Individual Counselling

At any stage in life people attend counselling, sometimes to deal with a specific issue/difficulty or a general desire for personal growth due to events or transitions as life progresses.

You may have a need for support with depression, anxiety, bereavement, relationship issues, trauma, abuse and self-esteem.

I can provide a confidential, non-judgemental space where we can work together to open up choices for you, through self-development, while exploring worries and difficulties.

Relationships & Couples Counselling

Relationships are at the heart of our lives, providing happiness, fulfillment, a sense of belonging, whether it's with a partner, family member, work colleague or friend. Relationships are so important, problems within them, can impact us significantly.
Working together in couples counselling we can resolve relationship issues, exploring why things have gone wrong, your feelings and attitude and how problems can be overcome.
All parties are not required to participate in relationship counselling, however if your problems are shared with your partner, you may want to consider couple counselling.

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Bereavement Counselling

The loss of a loved one, relationship, work or security can cause us to feel an enormous sense of emptiness in our lives.
This grief may cause feelings of helplessness, loneliness, angry or withdrawal.
I can work together with you to support you in coping with grief and bereavement following the death of a loved one or at times of major life changes that trigger feelings of loss  (e.g., separation, divorce).


Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. . Practicing Mindfulness can help you improve your breathing; reduce anxiety, stress and negative thoughts.  Mindfulness, can boost our working memory, become more focused and less emotional reactivity.  I can help you practice Mindfulness, and tune your thoughts into what your sensing in the present moment rather than rehashing the past or imagining the future.


CBT for the Anxious Mind

Anxiety affect the way we think, feel and behave which can cause challenging symptoms i.e panic attacks, phobias, OCD, shortness of breath and palpitations.
CBT can help stop negative cycles of thoughts, behaviour and emotions.
We can work together to identify what is making you feel anxious, unhappy or frightened and help manage these factors and allow you to take control of your current life situation.

Personal Development

People attend counselling to support  them through  self-development from a desire for personal growth  as life progresses.  Counselling can help when you feel stuck, unmotivated or not reaching your full potential.

Self-development counselling can be centred on general self-improvement, self-confidence and well-being.

I can work with you to improve and support areas of your life, such as self-esteem, confidence, assertiveness, goals or  personal endeavors.

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